Individual Psychotherapy/play therapy: A one-on-one private, secure space in which your experiences and feelings can be safely shared and thought about, can be enormously relieving and healing: whether you are a child, a teen or a grown-up.

Couples Therapy: We are all in relationships: be they parent/child, spousal, sibling, friend, the list is long. These relationships are complex and dynamic and sometimes require professional assistance and support to navigate this confusing and often painful yet rewarding domain.

Post-Separation and Divorce Co-Parenting Skills and Conflict Resolution: Parenting is challenging, even under favourable conditions. However, post-separation or divorce can add a whole new dimension of hardship to this already multifaceted endeavour called parenting. I provide a neutral and child inclusive perspective in which the child/children needs are in the foreground always. If parents feel they are parenting in a collaborative and respectful manner, in spite of the family break up, it goes a long way to personal healing for everyone concerned, especially the children.

Family and Divorce Mediations: Sadly, children post-separation or divorce often suffer tremendously. The law requires that a child’s wishes and needs have to be considered in decisions which have a direct impact on their lives: this is where a child consultant can play a vital role. I formulate contact schedules and parenting plans (custody arrangements) which are mindful of the child’s wishes and needs, while at the same time being cognisant of the parental capacities. Where appropriate I collaborate with lawyers and other professionals in a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the family receives the necessary support and information during this stressful period.